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Asset 10.6  has the following features
  Windows based multi user software which is more user friendly and reliable.
  Can be customized to suit your specific requirements.
  Integration with Popular accounting softwares like Tall ERP and others.
  GST system is implemented in a very user friendly way.GST Retuns can be taken easily.
  Products from more than one company and upto 4 companies can be fed in a single bill entry screen , the bills will be printed companywise separately. Accounting is done separately.
  In a single bill , items from more than one tax category can be fed.
  Multiple price list. Very, very easy process for price modification.
  Billing , receipts , purchase , payments , credit note, debit note, delivery challan , orders , quotations , purchase orders, inventory are covered .
  Some of the useful reports are sales report , purchase report , collection report, payments report, payables , receivables , ledgers , summaries , Profit analysis ,areawise sales , customer categorywise sales etc.,
  It will also calculate the pending orders, pending purchase orders , fast moving products, top selling customers , salesmanwise sales , etc.,
  Inventory in multiple godowns is calculated easily.
  There is a provision for plain sheet as well as preprinted bill printing.
  Very good service backup available for maintenance and also for additional requirements deveopment.
It is the basic version of the software .Suitable for hardware / paint shops , electrical shops , pipe / fittings dealers , all kind of distributors . Covers billing , inventory , party accounts , VAT reports , MIS reports etc.  
Suitable for automobile spare parts dealers and distributors. Covers special details like part number,make in the bill printing.  
Suitable for Glass / Plywood shops. covers billing in square feet and stock maintenance in qtywise.  

Suitable for the mobile shop / electronic shop. they can store thier IMEI number / serial number in the bill.


Suitable for textile / readymade shop.barcoding option is inbuilt to make billing very much easier during seasons.

Suitable for departmental stores ,bakery ,sweet shops .covers bill printing in tamil and viewing the bills / stock report in tamil . comes with preloaded items list in Tamil for departmental stores.  

Suitable for medical , agro shops / distributors . Details like expiry date , batchwise stock maintenance ,expiry stock list are covered.


Suitable for two wheeler / four wheeler show rooms . Covers details like Job card based sales and services ,SMS alerts , Enqueries etc.,